14 Week Tier 3 Performance Program
14 Week Tier 3 Performance Program
14 Week Tier 3 Performance Program

14 Week Tier 3 Performance Program

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Are you wanting to prepare for and excel during entry level training and testing into the warrior professions?

*All training programs come as an INSTANTLY downloadable PDF.

Designed to build a strong foundation for success, this 14 week online training program will help you prepare for the physical and mental demands of entry level training and testing into the military, law enforcement and fire fighting professions, or what we call the warrior professions.

Using functional, varied and science derived training methods, our goal is to prepare you both physically and mentally, ensuring your success and domination during entry level training and testing, securing your career in your chosen field.

Put in the work now and you will reap the rewards later, in your career, health, performance and life.

Our training methods are founded on the principles of: Fitter, Faster, Stronger, Go Longer, Regardless of Environment or Terrain.

"I have tried several different programs over the years with varying success. But for the first time I feel that this program really gave me the proper means to achieve what I set out to do and that is very much due to the amount of emphasis the Warfighter Athletic programs put on the mental side of training. The profound motivation together with constant support and psyching from their IG and members only FB group, and of course the well thought through exercise program with demanding aerobic and weight training are guaranteed to get you in shape. I chose the Tier 3 program because I didn’t have too much experience with weights, but I had a good base fitness and this program really helped me to build even more solid foundation to build on, and I will definitely will go on to do Tier 2 program too. I cannot recommend Warfighter Athletic enough, these guys rock!"


  • Build the foundations of warrior performance
  • Gain the physical and mental skills required to excel in entry level training into the military
  • Build strength
  • Increase cardio respiratory fitness
  • Get prepped without over training

    • Dominate during entry level training and testing

    Our training system gives you the tools to increase physical and mental performance needed to excel during entry level training into Military service, or everyday life.

    • The novice athlete or recruit

    • The novice athlete looking to build strong strength and conditioning foundations

    • The novice athlete looking to dominate entry level training into the military or LE roles

    • The novice athlete looking to be challenged

    • The novice athlete looking for for real measurable results

    • The Warfighter Athletic Mindset & Goal Setting Package.

    • The WAPP Assessment Protocol – pre & post program assessment provides a start point, a baseline to monitor and track improvements throughout the program, and also provides a target to destroy at the end of the training block.

    • The WAPP 14 week TIER THREE Training Schedule

    • The WAPP 12 week TIER THREE Strength Training Protocol

      • 2 sessions per week

    • The WAPP 12 week TIER THREE Energy Systems Development Protocol

      • Up to 3 sessions per week

    • Ascend Nutrition Meal Plan

    • Ongoing support and advice from the Warfighter Athletic coaching team

    • Access to warrior only private Facebook group

    • Complete package comes as an instantly downloadable PDF

    • Run
    • Row
    • Swim
    • Cycle
    • Carry weighted rucks over undulating terrain
    • Sprint hills
    • Push & pull sleds
    • Negotiate agility grids
    • Perform basic weightlifting and gymnastics movements
    • Mobilize
    • Breath and recover

    If there is anything you can't complete we will be here to work with you on a alternative exercise or movement.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Amy Martin

    Onto the 6th week of the program and already have progressed so much! Feeling stronger and fitter, can’t wait to finish the whole 14 weeks. Easy program to follow and stick to, but still challenging and results are coming through fast!!!!

    James Furlong

    14 Week Tier 3 Performance Program

    John Seward
    Initial thoughts

    Programme looks great however could have done with more warning about how much specific gear is required I.e. barbell, rack and enough weights to max your back squat. Haven’t been able to start it as I’m waiting to get the weights

    Gareth Hughes
    Building a better me

    So far I am lovin' this program. Not only is it helping to build a stronger, faster me, it is forcing me to build better habits and become stronger mentally. Can't wait to look back and see how far I've come.

    Jonathan Mackey

    Awesome and quick contact
    Have read the plan and done the first week of program and looking forward to future results

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