Combat Conditioning Program V2

Combat Conditioning Program V2

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Ready to take your athletic performance and conditioning to the next level? 
Looking for a program that doesn't require a full gym? 
Yes? The Combat Conditioning Program V2 is for you!

The original Combat Conditioning Program was developed for those who wanted to catapult their athletic performance and functional fitness with limited time and equipment. We also understood that there are those sweat monsters out there who just want to get a solid workout in, leaving behind a puddle of sweat and feeling like they worked hard.

We have taken the same principles into the Combat Conditioning Program V2 however, we have made some drastic and important updates to the programming. The focus of any program, no matter how simple, is extremely important. We decided that the benchmark for athletic performance and overall fitness, is the infamous “MUPRH” workout. Drastically improving your MURPH time is the core focus of this program.

The Combat Conditioning Program uses battle tested training methodologies that take into consideration limited time and equipment. Combining running, accessory work, and metabolic conditioning workouts, you’re going to catapult your athletic performance, drastically improving your MURPH time in the process.

While MURPH is the benchmark for performance in this program, the real goal is to turn you into a lean mean fighting machine. Your journey to becoming one starts now.

  • The training starts with testing your current MURPH time. Don't stress if you can't do a full MURPH, we have provided many regressive options. This is to set your baseline fitness before you begin the full 8-week training cycle. Baseline testing is crucial to help you set performance goals for the next 8 weeks.

  • Each training week consists of the following:

    • 3 x Accessory Strength Workouts

    • 3 x Conditioning Workouts

    • 2 x Running Workouts

  • Our training follows the scientifically proven progressive overload technique. Over the 8 weeks we increase load, intensity, and variety. Always keeping your body guessing, causing it to adapt and GROW! These techniques will see you continuing to increase STRENGTH, SPEED, ENDURANCE, CARDIOVASCULAR PERFORMANCE & MUSCLE GROWTH.

  • Workout times will vary. Sessions can take 30-60 minutes on average. Later in the program there will be longer runnings sessions that will take 70 minutes to complete.

  • Comprehensive 8-Week Training Program

  • 24/7 Support

  • Lifetime Access

  • Private Raid Training Group Access

  • Mentoring from the Warfighter Athletic Team

  • Instant Access to Training in a Downloadable PDF

  • Dumbbells

  • Kettlebells

  • Pull Up Bar

  • Box (any height)

  • Weighted Vest (not essential) 

If you don't have access to some of the equipment above, the Warfighter Athletic Coaching Team will be here to help you with alternative exercises.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
David Buckley
Cbt cond V2

Awesome product highly recommended

Dan Anthony

So far the balance is good. I’m coming from a reasonable fitness level, but some of the metcons really push me.

The balance of tempo runs and long runs is well paced as wel

Jamie Thurston
Combat training review

The program is awesome, i have been inactive in training for a while now and it has been hard but well worth it. As somone who has had very minimal activity over the past 6moths i find it hard and challenging to complete the full sets but it is not impossible. Hard work pays off in the end.

Sarah mItchell

6 Week Combat Conditioning Program

very effective

This is a great program. I love programs that are not gimmicky. This one is simple, effective, and will improve conditioning without a doubt!

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