Military Mental Toughness Program

Military Mental Toughness Program

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Are you ready to forge elite military mental toughness, discipline and resilience?

*All training programs come as an INSTANTLY downloadable PDF.

Through the use of daily constantly varied physical training, challenge events, peak events, mindset tools and exercises, we can begin to forge the mental toughness and discipline required to excel at the highest level.

The program and it’s methodologies have been derived from varying military courses and pipelines. For months at a time, soldiers, operators, and candidates are put under increased physical and mental adversity. Transforming civilians to soldiers, from general soldiers to battle-ready grunts, and lastly into elite operators within special operations.

Over 12 weeks you will utilize a variety of physical training methods, mindset tools, challenge events and peak events, all designed to work together to help make you mentally tougher.

This is not another training program, this is a blue print designed to make you the mentally toughest, most disciplined, focused, and resilient person you know.

This won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Get Hard.

Those who want to use military methodologies to:

  • Build elite level military mental toughness
  • Build elite level discipline and resilience
  • Create habits for success
  • Increase physical & mental performance
  • Transform your physique
  • 12 Week Military Mental Toughness Training Program
  • 12 Week Journal & Mindset Workbook
  • 90 Day Progress Tracker
  • Ongoing Support and advice from the Warfighter Athletic coaching team
  • Access To the Warrior Den private Facebook group
  • Complete package comes as an instantly downloadable PDF
  • Run
  • Row
  • Carry weighted rucks
  • Sprint
  • Lift weights
  • Conduct calisthenics
  • Conduct circuits and intervals

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Customer Reviews

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David Buckley
Hybrid tier 3


Reviewer avatar
Brilliant Killer service.

Top notch service as always. Absolutely tops.

Ismael Fournier
Military Mental Toughness Program

Truly a great workout program. Very difficult and challenging but designed intelligently. It really got me miles away from my confort zone, which is the reason why I chose this workout program. It solidifies discipline as well as mental and physical fitness, I highly recommend the program.

Duncan Allan

Military Mental Toughness Program

Darren Rodrigo
Legit program which moves the needle

This is an excellent program which has really moved the needle for me. Don't get me wrong, its absolutely kicked my a$$ and fatigue management has been a key issue, but one month later I'm seeing clear improvements to my fitness and physique.

It takes alot of commitment and hard work but its definitely taking me to the next level. I'm training in ways I've never trained before and it has also revealed my major fitness blindspots, like power to weight ratio (pull ups/chin ups), leg strength and HIIT training.

If you feel like you've stuck in a fitness rut, I can't recommend highly enough.

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