Weekly Warrior Workout 104

With this weeks warrior workout we dive into the trenches to take on a challenge workout that will get you digging deep and forging mental toughness! This one isn't for the timid or weak minded! 

100 Down

100 - Push Ups

90 - Air squats

80 - KB Swings @ 24/20/16 kg

70 - Bar Dips 

60 - Pull Ups 

50 - 50m Bear Crawl

40 - Burpees 

30 - Mountain Climbers 

20 - Squat Jumps

10 - Explosive Push Ups 

The Rules

If you can't do an exercise, replace it with something you can do. 

You must finish all of the reps before moving onto another exercise. 

You must do it from 100 down in the order prescribed. 

Once you pick a weight you must stick with it, rest longer if you're red lining. 

Finish the workout. 

This is a chipper, keep chipping away and you will get it done! 


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