Weekly Warrior Workout 101

Interval Training 

This week we take a look into an interval training session from our entry level training program, the 14 Week Tier 3 Performance Program. The focus of this program is work on building the strength and conditioning fundamentals needed to excel in entry level training required to get into the military or a first responder role or life in general. 

Run / Aerobic Power

Distance: 800m

Target Time: 4:00 minutes or less

Work To Rest: 1:1.5

Reps: 3

Intensity: 80-85%

*The key here is sticking to your perceived work rate, pacing is a skill that must be harnessed to do well and to be competitive. It also helps with improving run times over longer distances where a common mistake is going too hard out the gate, red lining, and not being able to meet your split times. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Tier 3 Performance Program. 

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