Building Mental Toughness Like Goggins

There is no doubt about it, when we think of mental toughness we think of David Goggins. The man is truly unique, he is special and he has taught us that no matter how bad life gets, you can turn it around if you want it bad enough.

The most important lesson Goggins has taught the world is that ANYONE can make this transformation.

When you look at him in the light of the current day, it can look as though he is some kind of special breed, well he is, but he hasn't always been that way.

When you look back to him being extremely overweight, spraying for cockroaches, depressed and a compulsive liar, its a far cry from the man he is today.

So how do you build mental toughness, discipline and resilience like Goggins? Let's get into it.

1. Consistent work. Once you make the decision that you want to level up, that you want to be better than you are now, you have to put the work in day in and day out, week in and week out. When I look back on my military career and the life changing experiences they were all 3 months or longer.

Most people talk about forming new habits in 21 days, bullshit, I think we can all agree 3 months is more effective than 3 weeks.

When I transformed from civilian to solider, from general soldier to battle ready grunt, from a senior grunt to a SOF operator, every experience was 3 months or longer.

Goggins was the same, he put in work and continues to put in work daily, he is consistent.

Make the decision and commit to putting in work on yourself consistently for a minimum of three months.

2. Go beyond your comfort zone regularly. Goggins lives beyond his comfort zone, it is his home. When you go and look at his mind blowing running record, the mileage he would cover and the frequency he would do it, it is safe to say it was far from comfortable.

Now you don't need to do what he did, but when you're committing to making some massive changes to your top two inches you should be seeking to go beyond your comfort zone in some way every week.

It doesn't have to be inside the gym, get outside, go explore the outdoors, hit a hike or a trail and make it an adventure, life is short so you might as well enjoy the process.

3. Do things you THINK you can't do. The story where Goggins competes in a 24 hour race with no prep just so he can race at Bad Water is a great example.

So often we think we have to have a massive training camp in order to achieve X, Y and Z. The truth is you're under estimating the power of the mind.

After going through so much adversity and pain in my military and Special Operations career, I now know that I can do almost anything off the cuff if I want it bad enough.

After major injuries, with no prep or training for months on end, I have gone and passed PT tests and completed some decent runs and rucks. The mind is a powerful tool when you unleash it's potential.

What is something you can't do? Run 10km? What about 20km? What about 30?

Lace up your shoes and go and do it, you will surprise yourself with how much pain you can endure if you simply want to complete it bad enough.

Every one trains the body, but not a lot of people train the mind, yet they wonder why they lack the mental toughness, discipline and resilience needed to achieve their goals.

The mind is the most powerful tool we have, we simply have to put in the work to unlock it. In 2020 I don't know if it has ever been more relevant to be mentally tough.

Right now we are putting together a training program where the focus is not physical fitness but mental toughness, discipline, and resilience.

Will we use physical fitness as a tool, absolutely.

We are using our military experience to put together a blue print for you to once and for all get to that level of mental toughness you need and want in order to succeed in this world.

It will be hard work, it will demand that you leave your comfort zone, but when you complete the program from start to finish, you will be a new version of yourself on the other side.

Stay Ready, we will be getting mentally tough together.

1 week and counting.

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