Raid Ready Program
Raid Ready Program

Raid Ready Program

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Before a soldier can deploy on operations, they undergo Pre-Deployment Training (PDT), as part of this training package they must pass every army fitness test to get the green light.

Serving military, first responders, and prepared civilians alike,  it is your responsibility to stay ready. 

Destroying all these fitness tests, this is what it means to be Raid Ready.

Designed and tested to greatly enhance athletic performance and build muscle, The Raid Ready Program is your blueprint to dominate every fitness test and making sure you look good doing it.

The Raid Ready Program is an extremely effective 8-week strength and conditioning program that will help you build strength, power, speed, and increase cardiovascular performance, while also ensuring you build muscle in the process.  

Catering to the full strength & conditioning needs of the tactical athlete, we have programmed this 8-week training cycle to take into consideration time, simplicity and a no compromise approach on results.

After years of training tactical athletes, we have taken all that experience and refined our training methods to create a program that is extremely efficient, simple to follow, and guarantees results.

When it comes time to perform, don’t participate, DOMINATE.


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  • The training starts with the Raid Ready Performance Test, this is to set your baseline fitness before you begin the full 8-week training cycle. Baseline testing is crucial for the strength work ahead and to help you set performance goals for the next 8 weeks.

  • Each training week consists of the following:

    • 3 x Strength Workouts

    • 2 x Conditioning Workouts

    • 2 x Running Workouts

  • Our training follows the scientifically proven progressive overload technique. Over the 8 weeks we increase load, intensity, and variety. Always keeping your body guessing, causing it to adapt and GROW! These techniques will see you continuing to increase STRENGTH, SPEED, CARDIOVASCULAR PERFORMANCE & MUSCLE GROWTH.

  • Workout times will vary. Strength sessions will take you approximately 60 minutes, with running and conditioning workouts taking under 60 minutes to complete. Some workouts will be short and sharp, they will be barn burners, requiring you to dig deep and to push hard.

  • This training program isn’t designed to help you get fit; it’s designed to get you RAID READY! Make sure you attack every workout with this mindset.

  • Comprehensive 8-Week Training Program

  • Raid Ready Performance Test

  • 24/7 Support

  • Lifetime Access

  • Comes as an Instant PDF Download

  • Raid Group Private Group Access

  • Raid Ready 1-Time Discount Code

  • Mentoring from the Warfighter Athletic Team

  • Instant Access to Training in a Downloadable PDF

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jai Bilbrough
Bloody good

Beautifully painful and seeing good results

Raid Ready

At the end of week 4, and fairly happy with the prog. First weeks set up a good base, progressing into higher weight percentages. Introduced some new exercises that brought new stress on muscles. The conditioning section added good additional coverage.

Matthew Vallelonga
The kick you need!

If you want something to kick you in the butt and get you up to scratch for pretty much whatever it is you’re wanting to do, then get on the program.
Commit to it, trust the process and you will notice results in a short period…just wait to see your improvement over the full 8 weeks.

This is what I needed!

This program is exactly what I needed. I was stuck in an absolute rut in my training, I had minimal motivation and my fitness was going out the window. I looked at CrossFit gyms but they’re expensive and can be a real judgemental environment. The Raid Ready Program came along at just the right time! It is the ideal mix of running, conditioning and weight training! The program is so well designed you can tell the thought that has been put into it! You’re backed by an awesome group online and you can’t help but be motivated!

I get no benefit in giving a good review. But I can honestly say this program is awesome! I take my hat off to Fitzy and all the trainers!

If you’re like me and you find yourself going through the motions at the gym and getting nowhere - Get this program!!

Matt Watson

Goods turned up fast and the quality of the products are great

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