Weekly Warrior Workout 88

In order to continue to see progress with our training, we need to make sure we keep the body guessing so it is constantly forced to adapt, adaptation means increases in speed, strength, endurance, muscle growth and the list goes on.

In our newest program we have split the training into 3 distinct phases, with each phase consisting of different training methodologies and the increased difficulty of the challenge and peak events.

Here is an example of Phase 1: Functional Building

5km Run
Max Push Ups
Max Pull Ups
Max Sit Ups


A1: Deadlift: 3 x 8-10

A2: Pull Up Under Hand grip: 3 x 8-10

Rest: 2 minutes

B1: DB Single Arm Bent Over Row: 3 x 8-10 each arm

Rest: 1 minute

C1: Pull Ups: 3 x 8-10

Rest: 1 minute 30 seconds

Use a strength band or conduct negatives if
you are not able to conduct the rep ranges
prescribed. Add weight to increase resistance
and difficulty.

D1: Close Grip Seated Cable Row: 3 x 8-10

D2: Lat Pull Down: 3 x 8-10

Rest: 2 minutes

E1: 3 Rope Climbs x 3 or Weighted Pull Ups 3 x 5

Rest: 1 Minute

Only conduct the weighted pull ups if you don’t have access to a rope, if you cannot do weighted pull ups, conduct negatives or use a strength band, lastly, regress to a lat pull down machine.

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