Weekly Warrior Workout 79

Fitting Fit : Building Resilience & Fitness For Combat Sports

Warm Up: 10 mins of low impact cardio, 10 mins of dynamic stretching.

Workout 1

6 x 400m sprints

Sprint options: Run, Bike, Ski Erg and Assault Bike

Workout 2

30 minutes on the heavy bag.

2 mins on 1 min off

Work flow: Hands, kicks, hands and feet. Cycle through during the 30 mins. Example, round 1 is just hands, round 2 is just kicks and round 3 is hands and kicks.

Workout 3

20 minute death round, no rest.

Alternate between volume and power.

Rest, Recover & Hydrate!

*Rest 5 minutes between workouts

*Wear your mouth guard for all bag work, train as you fight.

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