Weekly Warrior Workout 67

Using the blog we wrote here, we have created a workout for you to hit!

Feel free to checkout the blog and pick different exercises.



A1: Push Ups

A2: Pull Ups

A3: Burpees

A4: Mountain Climbers

A5: Air Squats

Start by conducting 10 reps of each exercise, then 9,8,7,6,5 etc down to 1

To make it harder start at 15,20 or 25.

To make it easier start at 5 or a number you can achieve!

Go HARD, Zero Excuses!

During the lock down we are running 20% off all training programs with code FXCKCORONA

If you need low equipment programs our recommendations are the Combat Conditioning Program or the Elite Pull Up & Push Up Program.

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  • Hunia pIckering

    Yo what’s up just looking to see if you guys can help build my lower body strength with the weights I got (70kg all up) and I time we got with the lockdown cheers

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