Weekly Warrior Workout 66


A1: 3 x 5 | Bench Press | Rest 4 mins

A2: 3 x 5 | Barbell Deadlift

B1: 3 6-7 each side | Single Arm Dumbbell Incline Press | Rest 4 mins

B2: 3 x 6-7 Barbell Romanian Deadlift

* work to failure on the last working set for each exercise


Odds: 10-12 Dips

Evens: 20 Seconds of hanging L sit or knee raise

* exercises paired with the same letter, for example A1 and A2 are to be conducted as a super set.

This is an example of a strength training session out of the Tier 2 program. At Warfighter Athletic our goal is help you to become a well rounded athlete that excels in the gym and tactical environment. For the full training experience CLICK HERE and take the quiz to see what level is best suited for you and your goals.

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