Aerobic Power
Set 1 - 5min AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) of:
800m Run
Max Burpees in time remaining
*Score = Total number of burpees completed
Set 2 - 4 RFT (Rounds For Time) of:
10 Deadlift 60kg / 50kg / 40kg
8 Hang Clean
6 Shoulder To Overhead
4 x 25m shuttles (100m)
*Score = Time to complete
Set 3 - For Time:
Part 1
100m Front Rack Carry 60kg / 50kg/ 40kg
100m Back Rack Carry
100m Hang Position Carry (Barbell at hip height, use any grip)
Part 2
2mins Max Calorie Row
*Score Part 1 = Time to complete
*Score Part 2 = Total calories rowed
Final Score is the combined time from set 2 & set 3, part 1, minus the combined reps from set 1 & set 3, part 2, converted into seconds.
4min + 4 min=480seconds
25 Burpees + 25 Calories = 50
Final Score 480- 50=430
Rowing Machine
1 x 20kg or 15kg Barbell
Up to 45kg of Olympic Bumper Plates
1 x Pair of Barbell Collars
5min Rest between sets
*Scale weight to suit / Black = RXD / Green = Scale 1 / Red = Scale 2


  • Tim R

    This one was rough for a first one. But hey that’s what I’m here for. 601 was my score with 90# needs work.

  • Hadley Blues

    Some please recommend which broker I should pick among the ones listed on this site.

  • Alec

    The world has been screaming out for an entity with a purpose such as this. Compare ourselves with who we were yesterday not with someone else today.

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