Weekly Warrior Workout 145

Essential to the tactical athlete and those in the warrior professions is cardio. Your ability to work for extended periods of time, paired with your ability to cover ground regardless of weather, season, or terrain is crucial to your performance. This week we are diving into a running session from the Hybrid Raider Program. 

Running conditioning 2

Warm up:
5 minutes light jogging 2 rounds:
20 glute bridges
20 lunges
40 calf pumps
Hip mobility plus additional stretches

5 x 1km run (RPE 6)

Rest 1:1

Aim: Keep your heart rate at 40 beats below your max heart rate.

If you do not have a HR monitor of any kind, note that you should be able to have a SMALL conversation at this pace. If conducted on treadmill, keep incline at 2.

Note: This could take you well over an hour.


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