Weekly Warrior Workout 143

Do you fear pain? No? Good, enter the pain cave on your own free will.

Here is a full day of training from our Raid Ready program.

You can split the strength and conditioning out into AM and PM sessions or you can spice it up and conduct them back to back. 

Strength 1

Cardio machine | 5 minute warm up on choice of cardio machine.

Mobility | 5 min | Loosen back, hips, calves any other tight areas. See video for mobility exercises.

Monster walk with band | 3 x 10 | Using a band around the knees, adopt a wide stance with toes pointed forward under shoulders. Keeping the band under tension take small steps - 10 each side. Think about walking like a crab. This will
activate the glutes.

Back squat | 5 x 5 | 75-80% 1RM. Increase in weight from last week, maintain depth.

Paused back squat | 3 x 8 | Pause at depth in the hole (full depth position) for 2 seconds.

Goblet squat SUPERSET | 3 x 12 | Use 1x DB or KB, hold at chest, keep upper body upright.
DB Romanian deadlift | 3 x 12 | Use 2x DBs, slight bend in knees, hinge at hips and move DBs down legs. Keep back straight and lower under control to feel activation in glutes and hamstrings.

Leg press | 50 reps | Use a minimum of body weight on machine, as little sets as possible.

Rest: 2 min - 2 min 30 sec between each set.

Core x 4 rounds - 30 sec rest between
Hanging knee raise or strict TTB | 10 | Focus on engaging lats.

Oblique heel taps | 20 | Laying on your back, shoulders off the ground, reach alternatively to the heel of your foot.

Conditioning 1

Warm up - 2 rounds:
2 mins cardio
5 burpees
10 air squats
20 mountain climbers

5 rounds
10 burpees
20 KB swings (Russian)
8 devils press
20 KB swings (Russian)
6 DB thrusters
Note: use same DBs for devils press and thrusters.

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