Weekly Warrior Workout 118

Last week we prescribed week one from the Military Mental Toughness Program, this weeks workout looks at a strength and conditioning workout from our most popular program for both active duty and civilians, the 14 Week Tier 2 Performance Program. 

Our focus is to build well rounded, performance focused athletes who are ready for anything life or duty will through at them. 

A1: 3 x 5 Barbell Back Squat 
A2: 3 x 5 Pull Up 
Rest: 4 minutes (rest starts at the completion of exercise 1) 

B1: 3 x 12-14 Barbell Back Rack Alternating Lunge 
B2: 3 x 6-7 each side Single Arm Dumbbell Row
Rest: 4 minutes (rest starts at the completion of exercise 1) 

*work to failure on last working set

C1: 10min EMOM
Odds = 15m double leg bounds - max distance and height each bound, continuous movement.
Evens = Max reps Chin Ups in one set

If there is anything you can't do, make sure you have that can do attitude and make it work no matter what, ZERO EXCUSES! 

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