#1 Operation Toa - The Pursuit Of Excellence

"The pursuit of excellence isn't a moment in time, it is a life long journey." - Jordan Fitzgerald - Founder of Warfighter Athletic

As preached to this community of warriors, we must continue to seek our full potential, to push the boundaries on what we think is achievable, and to always go a little further in our pursuit to be better than we were yesterday.

It is this thinking that drives me to be better every single day and has brought us into phase 2 of Warfighter Athletics existence.

I am obsessed with the pursuit.

The Pursuit Of Excellence Continues

When I started this company I had high hopes for what we could be, the vision was clear, the passion was there, but there was a lot I didn't know.

Over the last 2 years I have learned so much about designing, testing, sourcing and manufacturing products.

What I have learned has me both floored and extremely excited.

There are amazing, high performance materials and technologies out there, all created to enhance the performance of the human using it.

Looking around in our niche and our market no one is using them, why?

Everyone is putting out the same stuff and no one is using these technologies, again, why?

What ever the answer is, it's not good enough.

It is time for a change, it is time that once again we walk the path less traveled, because you all deserve better.

This brings us into phase 2

High Performance Apparel For The High Performance Warrior

When I look back at my military career, when I compare the "lastest" military clothing against high end outdoor and hunting brands, the military doesn't come close in terms of performance, cut and fit.

The question I have asked myself is, " why are there outdoor enthusiasts and hunters better equipped and outfitted than the military, than those going into harms way?

The budget is there, we are paying the higher prices, but the technology that IS available, isn't being used by the companies providing the apparel, I am pretty sure you can guess why.

Regardless if it is our retail competitors or the military providing apparel, I know we can do better, it is now my mission and obsession to do so.

The Mission - Operation Toa

Toa - Maori for warrior. Also meaning be brave, bold, victorious, experienced, accomplished, adept, competent, skillful, capable.

It is my personal mission, to eliminate the gap between what the warrior athlete NEEDS and what the outdoor/hunting enthusiast gets!

It is to provide truly unique, high performing and long lasting apparel that is made using the best technologies and materials on the market.

In order to provide you, the warrior athlete, our loyal customers, our brothers and sisters, with high performing apparel, that aids and enhances your performance, that goes the distance with you, all whilst helping you look good doing it.

There will be no compromise, there will be no corners cut, there will be no secrets.

You will get to see the entire process from start to finish.

I am making sure that we will be sharing the entire process.

From concept to design.

From sampling to testing.

From manufacturing to delivery.

You are apart of this mission, in fact with out you it wouldn't be possible, for that I thank you.

This is just the beginning, you haven't seen anything like what is coming.



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