The 5 Reasons You Are Holding Yourself Back

There is one major difference between those who achieve their goals and those who don't, it is that the latter believe the lies they tell themselves.

As we head into 2019 many will have positive goals for the new year and the opportunities that lay ahead.

Come the end of January there will only be a handful of people on this earth who are still interested in the goals they only so recently set.

Which percent will you be among? The quitters or the warriors still fighting for their goals and dreams?

If you have heard one excuse you have heard them all. I am going to break down the most common ones I hear with our programs and tell you what each one really means.

If one resonates with you then it is time you took action and removed it. Warriors fight for a better future they don't make excuses.


1. I don't have the time. What you are really telling yourself is that it is not a priority in your life. We all have the same hours in the day, it comes down to how effectively you manage each and every minute of the day.

How many times have you needed to get jobs done around the house, but before you start you decide to watch some show on Netflix for half an hour.

Two hours later you realize you haven't got the jobs done, you tell yourself you didn't have time and you'll do the jobs tomorrow, again you have lied to yourself but watching TV was more important.

Look at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you can't tell me you are more busy than him, he is in a new movie every other month yet he still manages to get to the gym to get that workout in. You need to prioritize what really matters.

2. I lack the motivation. Do you really believe that if you lack the motivation and energy to train that the solution is to continue to do nothing? You don't believe it and neither do we.

If you lack motivation and energy then a clear cut routine and path is exactly what you need to regain your lost motivation and energy.

I've been there, on the bad side of an injury, stuck on the couch for over a week, as the time goes by my motivation and energy levels began to drop.

As soon as the doctor gave me the green light to get back into training I went that very day because I knew the first week would be the hardest. Come the end of that week yeah I was a little sore but I was back to my normal self, motivated and filled with energy to attack the day.

3. It's not for me. I have heard many people say this after withdrawing from military training, "This isn't for me", last time I checked food and sleep deprivation wasn't for anyone but it is the process you must go through to be selected for further training.

Much like starting out on a new exercise program, you're going to be uncomfortable, you're going to leave your comfort zone but that is how you grow.

The last time I checked getting fitter, faster stronger and mentally stronger is for everyone, including you.

4. I don't have the money. This can apply to many many many investing scenarios. No matter what the investment is or how much it can change your life I hear many saying they cannot afford it.

The truth is you can afford it but you would rather spend your money on things that are materialistic or make you feel good for 2 minutes. You can't be short sighted.

In the past I have told my self the same lies, in the last few years I have stopped saying I can't afford the things that are going to improve me and I spend the money on them.

The transformation on my life and what I have learned has been massive! Look at what you actually spend your money on, start prioritizing things that can improve you and you will start to see a drastic shift in your life.

5. Will I actually get results. The very fact that you are looking in the first place is a combat indicator that you are not happy with the results you currently have.

I remember being contacted on Instagram being asked if our program would actually get them results. I knew there had to be more to it so I asked some questions to dig a little deeper, sure enough they were on another program and were being worked into the ground with far too much volume and intensity.

After guaranteeing them they would see results they joined the WA family and began to see results in the first few weeks. You have to ask yourself, what is the alternative if I do nothing, if I don't take action, is that where you want to be? The answer is no.


The thing you have to know is when you make a decision to change your life it is going to be uncomfortable, you are not going to know everything, but if you work hard and if you stick at it you will see results.

It is also important to remember what ever your goal is, there is likely someone who has done it before who can guide you.

Make a promise to yourself that you are not going to hold yourself back anymore, that you will take action and that you will be apart of the 1% who fight for a better life.

When you join the Warfighter Athletic family you will be family for life. You will have access to like minded people who can guide you and give you advice. Come the end of January 2019 you will be glad you are part of the 1% because your life will never be the same again.

Let's get you started.

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    The truth right thurr.

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