The First Level of Leadership

The first level of leadership is the most important, why?

Because no matter what position you promote into, this one remains true forever.

It is important because it is the one we see those in leadership positions of all levels neglecting.

So what is the first level of leadership?

Lead self!

In order to have the privilege and honor of leading others you must first be able to lead yourself.

What does leading yourself look like?

It looks like leading by example.

It looks like not being afraid to get your hands dirty.

It looks like knowing your shit.

It looks like your command being able to trust you will get the job done WITHOUT supervision.

It looks like being able to pass all of the basic annual qualifications such as fitness testing.

Now there is more to leadership and self lead than above.

Leadership is an art and a science but no one formula applies to every person or situation.

This is why you must be adaptable as a leader.

Once you have the ability to lead yourself you are then ready to lead others.

Put in work on being a proficient self leader, forge a plan on how you can get better at what you're doing, in order to get where you want to be.

Evolve and Elevate!

Next week I am running a leadership training for the UTWW program where I will be going into greater depth on this topic.

If you want help in leveling up as a leader as well as getting access to the full UTWW program click here, join the fold and secure your position.

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  • Ian

    I cant wait for the leadership training!

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