How To Forge A Path Out Of Your Dark Place

You are not alone.

Let me say that again.

You are not alone.

In your struggles, in your battles, in the war between your ears.

We all go through hard times, we all feel the weight of that grey cloud that surrounds and bares its weight down upon us.

We ALL also need to keep FIGHTING.

Fighting every single day to dig our way out of this hole when we find ourselves in it.

Here are my 3 top tips to forge a path out of that dark place and back into the light, back on to the warpath to living your best life.

3 Top Tips

1. Stop and listen to the voices in your head. With the noise in your head and the noise of the world combined, it is hard to decode the messages you need to hear from the noise you need to tune out. When you stop to listen to what the noise in your head is saying, when you do it subjectively, you can start to hear the things that are holding you back. Take note! For me when my mind is cluttered with thoughts and overthinking, I like to walk in nature, this can be at the beach or anywhere in the great outdoors. You need to consciously make an effort to be in a problem solving state of mind here.

2. Put pen to paper. I find many people sit there focusing on all of the problems and negative emotions that are causing this pain. Instead put pen to paper with the focus of identifying and creating a detailed solution or plan of action on how you are going to defeat these challenges you are facing. When you shift your focus from the problem to the solution, very rapidly you can feel a shift in your energy and a weight beginning to lift. There is always a solution, if you're struggling to find one, reach out, people are here for you.

3. Take action. You now know why you're in this hole, you have now forged a plan to get your self out of this hole. Take action now, do not delay it. When you start ticking off the tasks that are involved in your plan, again you will feel more weight begin to lift.

One extra tip I will give is, establish a positive routine. For me that is a physical training routine, it is the one true thing that will always aid my mental health. Science also backs up the fact that staying active improves mental health so there is every reason why it is a good idea for you to do the same.

If you are in a dark hole and you need help with forging a plan to get out of it you can always email me at I will always reply when I can.

We are on this earth to thrive, so stop just trying to survive.


  • Jez

    Decent little piece mate and some good ideas. Putting pen to paper is a great way to essentially move all the chaos onto the page. This gives you the ability to physically see the problem and find it’s solutions. Every step, no matter how small is still progression. As warriors we always want to visualise that end goal, but never the path to it.
    Great piece mate

  • Shane

    Nice mate, awesome that you are paying it forward. Top man!!!! Shane

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