The Comeback From A Setback

No matter how careful you are, no matter how much planning you do, no matter how much you try to mitigate the risks of life, you're going to get caught out eventually. 

When it comes to training and pursuing goals, too many times I have seen a minor setback derail the entire mission. What was a small deviation in the track, turns into a train wreck.

So what should you do to get back on track and on the attack? 

As I sit here writing this, I am currently recovering from shingles, only just before getting shingles I was recovering from COVID. It is safe to say my training has taken a setback, so what do I from here? 

I always tell people, training is a lifelong journey, so don't treat it like a short term deal. I had just started back on the Hybrid Raider Program and I was a few weeks in. Do I get upset my progress is lost? Do I act like I have now somehow lost time? Fuck no, I simply start again, why? This is for life. 

What I do first is I spend a week doing full body wake ups and cardio. I get the engine running, I get the bloody flowing and get all of the muscle groups engaged. 

Now what if it is progress towards a goal that has been impacted and not something like physical training. 

Same again, you take stock of where you're at, you make an assessment of any changes in the plan that need to be made and you keep executing. It really is that simple. 

Stop treating your goals like a cheap one night stand.

Stop playing all out for one quarter and expecting to win the game. When you start playing long term and stop you stop playing short term, you take away all of the anxiety of taking a setback. 

In closing, when you face a setback ask yourself the question, has the situation changed? If yes, what has changed? What does it mean? How do you need to adapt your plan? Make those adaptations and get back on track. Play the long game, play to endure, play to out last, play to win. 

Minor Setback, Major Comeback. 

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  • Lee Morgan

    After 2 back surgeries one from all the little bags and casual strolls I enjoyed in the army and one from skydiving I was just getting back into fitness and signed on to one of your programs but and now waiting for my 3rd surgery but I will be back asap. I am 52 but never to old to start again

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