5 Tips to Deal With Shin Splints

Shin splints, for those who have had them their pain can stop your training in it's tracks! That aching pain in the front of your legs that has you stretching for dear life to get rid of it, ok maybe I am exaggerating but you get the point.

I have had them myself and know how detrimental they can be to your overall training results and your lifestyle when you live the warrior athletes way.

Here are 5 tips to get you on the move again:

  1. Don't increase your mileage too quickly. Give your body time to adapt and heal, especially if you are new to running or high intensity workouts.
  2. Hit that foam roller, build this into your daily routine. The aim here is to release the tightness that has been building in your fascia.
  3. Change your shoes. The shoes you have might not be right for your foot which in return are causing bio-mechanical issues the gift being, SHIN SPLINTS!
  4. Stretch and mobilize. I have done it, so I know you have as well. You go out to destroy a run only to get back to go and do something else. No stretching and no mobility work is done. The gift being, bio-mechanical issues! Make sure you build stretching and mobility work into your routine
  5. Change your stride, especially if you're a heal toe runner. Aim for the ball of your foot to be hitting the ground with that foot driving you forward. If you sound like an elephant stomping on a treadmill you need to lighten your stride also.

Remember you're in this for the long haul. If your body is in pain it is a message something is wrong and you need to take the time to fix it (not with drugs). Take the time to isolate the problem and deal with it.

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  • Sian

    I increased my mileage too quickly, and added in a weights vest, and ended up with not only shin splints but also a femoral neck fracture! 🙃😩 good advice here actually worth listening to!

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