4 Step Method To Process Failure Successfully

I have been there, on the other side of failure, hurt, angry and frustrated with myself.

I know the pain it causes, it can feel like it is ripping out your heart, especially when you realize how much it meant to you to succeed.

The question is, how long do you sulk for?

Days, weeks, months, years? For what? 1 moment of failure?

No matter when your moment of failure was it's time to rip the band aid off to see what's underneath.

The 4 step method is to ask yourself the following questions, using a pen and paper to write out in detail each answer.

Question 1: How do I feel? Go deep and detailed, listing out all of your thoughts and feelings

Question 2: Why do I feel this way? Drill down and extract out exactly what is the route cause of the pain.

Question 3: Does it really matter? Put it into perspective. How much does this matter to you? How does this stack up against death or losing a loved one?

Question 4: What is next? The answer to question 3 drives what you do next. If it doesn't matter at all to you then it's time to move onto something new, let it go.

If it does matter and you're willing to go after it again then you need to pin point what caused the failure, how can you improve of fix it and then forge a plan for the way ahead.

This tool has served me well.

It is time it served you.


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