3 Reasons To Set Goals For 2023

Close in, take a knee, face out. 2023 is upon us, we are still in the battle prep phase but it's time to make sure your shit is squared away before we step off. What is your battle plan? What direction are you patrolling? What is the estimated enemy force? What capabilities do you have at your disposal? Do you have the resources for a sustained fire fight? What is your PACE plan? Where is the QRF located? How long before the QRF can reach you?

You see why planning is important? If you're still on the fence about setting your intentions for 2023 here are 3 reasons to get your self squared away ASAP. 

1. THE FACTS - The facts state that within 1 month of a new year, the majority of people who have set resolutions will have given up on their goals. Within 6 months the battlefield of life will be laden with dead dreams and untapped potential, their carcasses left to perish in no man's land.

At the years end there will be the 9%, the very few men and women who stayed the course, who fought through adversity, conquering their goals and elevating the trajectory of their life forever. 

Grim stats right? Wrong! It is inspiring, imagine you being the savage that conquered the odds, that fought through adversity and come out on top, apart of coveted the 9%. 

The good news is the stats also say that those who set goals for the year are much more likely to achieve meaningful change compared to those who do nothing. To do nothing is to give up on yourself, it is to piss on the grave of your untapped potential. These are the facts, your emotions are lies, set some fucking goals. 

2. THE MISSION - Not once, not ever, in my entire military career, did we go out the door without a plan, with a mission and without clearly defined parameters for success. Even if it was a roll on task/mission, we still had a bonnet brief, QBO's (Quick Battle Orders) were delivered and we rolled on. 

Get serious about your goals and get serious about achieving mission success. Clearly define what success looks like and clearly define what failure looks like. When you have a clearly defined mission, when you have set your parameters for success and failure, it is much easier to stay on the warpath and to adapt the plan as needed. It is hard to adapt a plan if you don't have one to begin with.

3. THE REWARD - When acts of bravery over and above the call of duty are committed, the soldier is given medallic recognition, rewarded for their actions. There are different levels of recognition for the scale of bravery shown and adversity endured. From military crosses, purple hearts, Victoria Cross',  Medals of Honour, and Silver Stars, their prestige has been sought after by those who serve for generations. 

What is my point here? What gets rewarded, gets repeated, it is that simple. We often here about delayed gratification, but micro gratification is important for continued success. Delay the macro gratification for the end of the year, but set key milestones and rewards for hitting them. The dopamine hit will be second to none and will increase your chances of staying the course and being part of the 9%. 

There it is there, 3 good reasons to get to fucking work! Conduct your planning, do your battle prep and prepare to advance to contact. 

Fitzy, out. 

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